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Professional block masonry services

At Garza & Sons Masonry, Inc. of La Salle, CO, we have seen that using concrete block means you can have the flexibility to do just about anything you like. Whether you're looking to create a block building or foundation, a retaining wall or any other application, concrete block provides the needed flexibility for any type of job.

Glass block can also add beauty to any area of your home. Given the block's superior insulating qualities, glass blocks can be used to replace or create exterior windows or even to form "walls" with minimal heat loss. Glass blocks are also ideal for your bathroom area. Many homeowners have always dreamed of a beautiful glass block shower, window or other applications in their homes.

•  Diversity and flexibility - Blocks are suitable for structural

   applications as well as veneers.

•  Low maintenance - Block requires very little maintenance

   or upkeep.

•  Provides superior sound proofing - Blocks serve as a

   superior sound insulator.

•  Weatherproof - Block can withstand the cold Colorado

   winters and the extreme heat and intense sunlight of the

   hot summers.

•  Fire resistant - Blocks can help to prevent the spread of


•  Increases retail value - Block adds character and beauty

   to your home and can increase its retail value.

Advantages of building with concrete and glass block include:

•  FREE estimates

•  In business since 1971

•  Family owned and operated

•  Attention to quality, detail

  and scheduling

•  Variety of options and


•  Reasonable prices

•  Professional staff

1 year warranties available!

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